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I sell in Norwegian kroner (nok), take Paypal payments to this email address and send by regular post. Orders can be placed by an email followed up by a payment after I send a total amount. Shipping for a 3" strop to the US is 225 nok, Europe is 175 nok. That would also cover the weight of two strops. Other models may vary in shipping price.

I prepare all the leather that goes into my strops. I want them to perform and I want them to feel good. I believe that you should have this feeling right when you open the package. So even though leather breaks in, I make sure the strop I send you is ready to go from the beginning. I test every strop that I send out.

I am now offering three types of leather:

• Horween oil tanned horsehide, 1.5 - 2 mm (color may vary)

• Horween vegetable tanned horsehide, 2 - 2.5 mm (natural) NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

• Swedish Bridal cowhide, 3 - 3.5 mm (green) - 2" & 2,5" barber style

The oil tanned horsehide is very supple. It has a firm draw with excellent performance (not slick horsehide). The draw can easily be called magnetic, while not sticky. It has very good control, with a nice robust feel. It is a little loud at the beginning and I call the feeling “dry”.

The vegetable tanned horsehide is a full grain, figured leather, soft rolled. That means it has not been shaved and is compressed, but not made stiff. It is a firm leather which will break in beautifully, but is giving and responsive as it is. This is a much faster strop. Not glassy, but definitely very little draw.

The Swedish Bridal has a medium draw which responds to pressure used and whether or not you warm it up first. It breaks in nicely and is a deep dark green, very luxurious thick leather. I am using this leather only on 2" and 2,5" barber end strops combined with the brushed cotton component.

The brushed cotton is slightly louder than the linen with a nice soft surface. It feels good in the hand and is the closest thing to vintage cotton strops I have found. I like this weight and think it is an excellent match to barber style leathers.

The linen component is natural herringbone weave linen. Very supple and ready to go. It is fragrant and a pleasure to strop on.

I offer three sizes: 2", 2,5" and 3".
Stropping length is approx 40cm. I tend to cut the barber style strops longer.

New Prices

2" oil tanned/linen : 850 nok +shipping

3" oil tanned/linen : 1150 nok +shipping

2,5" oil tanned/linen : 1000 nok +shipping

2" Swedish Bridal/ brushed cotton, barber style : 850 nok + shipping

2,5" Swedish Bridal/ brushed cotton, barber style : 1000 nok + shipping

2,5" or 3" Linen hanging strop : 375 nok + shipping

Extra handle : 250kr

I am also making 2" and 2,5" Horween oil tanned strops without handles and with a buffed cotton component. These are 100 nok less than the ones with handles.

Custom handle/ends colors are 100 nok ekstra.

Beginner's/practice strops are more or less what I may have available, may be thinner than my standard strops and/or have cosmetic irregularities (style may vary). Cow or Horse (my choice), between 30 and 40 cm stropping length, 2" wide. The price of these would be 150 nok + shipping (shipping on these alone will be less than quoted above). I would include a practice strop with the purchase of any other strop for 100 nok extra.

MOMS kommer i tillegg for norske salg

It would currently take about 4-5 weeks to fill an order.
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New strop models!
All strops will now be constructed with stainless hanger and handle
Shown is a 2,5" strop with custom end color
2" and 3" strops vary slightly

New website coming!
Until then, please refer to the information below and contact me with inquiries
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